The Leonard Adler & Co. was established in 1903 as a fur-manufacturing supplier by Joseph Adler, Leonard Adler’s Father.  The company provided tailoring supplies for the garment industry.

Steve Rich, the current owner of The Leonard Adler & Co., originally wanted to be a pharmacist.  Steve grew up helping his father with the family business.  He often joined his father, who was a furrier, on trips to The Leonard Adler & Co to buy supplies.  Steve gave up his dream of being a pharmacist, and started selling tailoring supplies in 1961.  Steve, a natural entrepreneur, grew the business making it one of the top 5 suppliers by the early 70’s, selling to accounts in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan.  He became one of the most knowledgeable people in the country on sewing supplies.

In January of 1985, Steve purchased The Leonard Adler & Co. He merged the businesses and kept the Leonard Adler name because of its longevity and wide customer base.

As an independent business owner for over 50 years, Steve has demonstrated his commitment to excellence in the industry and to helping his clients by sharing his extensive knowledge and experience.  He currently works with a wide variety of clients including clothing manufacturers, boutiques, fashion designers and schools.

Maralynne Rich, Steve’s daughter, now joins The Leonard Adler & Co as the CEO.  Maralynne brings a wealth of knowledge to the business.  She has extensive experience in style and fashion with a strong emphasis on customer service.

Leonard Adler & Co is passionate about building and supporting the local fashion community.